f e a t u r e d    d e s i g n



Methven Care Trust                              






This design is inspired by the patchwork of the crops and fields of the Canterbury Plains.  The patterns made by the different colours of the fields look similar to a quilted blanket which symbolises care, enveloping and being looked after.  This stylised pattern also suggests every aspect of the fundraising effort - individual pieces from all different parts of the community coming together to build this care facility.

The brief was to design a logo for Methven Care Trust, the registered charity set up to fundraise for, and oversee, the development of the new aged care facility for Methven. I felt it important that the logo design encompassed what The Trust is doing, why it is doing it, and importantly, be representative of the area in which we live.  To this end, I created an image that says, “This is Methven, our place - this is where we live, this is who we are, this is what its all about!”


 c l i c k   l o g o  t o  r e t u r n